Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am deeply annoyed

I had a nasty shock today while browsing the web. I found some of the contents from my tutorial have been copied and posted word for word in another blog http://www.vanitha.tk/ under the heading"hand work" and the author was passing it off as her own. There is no possibility of her having copied the contents from any book as I had not copied it from any book. I have explained it in my own way. The images are my own. I am very much annoyed to see many of my tutorials that I had posted last year have appeared in her blog this year without any prior permission or acknowledgment.
The posts that she has copied are here













Another funny thing is she has not seen the spelling mistake that I had made and she has posted without correcting it! I will be very grateful If you write your comments in her blog. By doing so we can put an end to this.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Method of sewing a slip or short petticoat

This is a short petticoat. This garment is worn under kurthi or shirts as underwear. While drafting the pattern care must be taken to keep back neck depth and front neck width more than that of Kurthi. While stitching, side slit of 3” to 4 “should be made. This prevents the slip from rolling up.

A-G = full length of petticoat needed + ½”
On the line A-G mark the points I, J, C and E such that
A-C = ¼ chest -1”
A-E = waist length.
A-I = back neck depth = 3” or to taste.
A-J = front neck depth 2” less than A-C or to taste.
Draw perpendiculars from the points A, I, J, C, E and G and mark the points on them such that
A-B = ¹/8 chest + ¼”
A-K = 1/12 chest + ½” or to taste
C-D = ¼ chest + 1½” and C-N =A-B. Join B-N. On this line mark M such that B-M = 1” Join K-M
E-F = ½” less than C-D
G-H = C-D + 2” join D-F –H by a curved line.On this line Mark L such that L-H =¾”
Join G-L by a curved line as shown.
Join front neck line K-J and back neck line K-I as shown.
Cut the draft along the line I-K-M-D-F-L and G.
Cut along the line I-J-C-E-G. Keep the portion on which lines are not marked. This is half of the draft of the back.

Take the other portion and cut along the line K-J .This is the front of the draft.